Wintry cold

Hello! It's really cold today! We have our lovely, cosy fire burning, reminiscent of Celtic hearths of yore, where my ancestors loved to be. Bens is a bit of a hobbity hearth lover. I like to venture out... We've been talking about maybe (down the way a little) together, Bens and I, doing a Masters in Third World Development. We both feel strongly about wanting to work towards righting the huge injustices in our world, and are a little stymied as to HOW.

Bens very kindly looked after Eowyn and Coco today, & my friend Jana's husband Tim looked after Ella and Colin, so we got to have Mummy time off together, which was really fun. We took a long, long walk, through forests and by Puget Sound Beaches, and really relaxed.

The thing about having time away from my Princesses though is that I really notice how incredibly hard work being a Mum is, and feel a bit cross and put out when I return and have to labour. I'm glad my little family are so very delightful, as that puts a sparkle in the plod

Sheer plod makes plough down scillion shine
And blue-bleak embers
Ahh my dear
Fall, gall themselves and gash gold vermillion!!

Gerard Manly Hopkins
(Remembered from HSC English Lit! WOW! That's 19 years ago!! Ahhhhh my dear!!!)

PS Sam YOU are a little angel!!


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