Last week, when the sun shone...

This week is rainy and dark and oppressive. I am a simple lass, who loves sunshine. Coco's teachers at school adore her, naturally, and are excellent! Eowyn is home sick today, poor lamb. Her face lit up when I told her that, as a little girl, I was just like her, and would forget entirely the chore I was supposedly doing and read a book!! The girls are learning North American sign language, using a book given them by Great Auntie Nancie.

I am frustrated ... the pics of Coco with her teachers just won't upload - is it just me, or does everybody else have trouble getting images onto these silly blog posts? It's somewhat ridiculous.


Justin said…
Megs -- Yes!! Re Pics.

I read a bit -- troubleshooting etc, and here is what you do: Download mozilla firefox.

And use that browser, rather than Explorer, whenever you are posting new blogs with pics. [If you want to keep using Explorer, then keep saying "No" to using mozilla firefox as default.


[Although talk to Benjamin etc to make sure thats what you want to do. But it worked for me.]
Anonymous said…

Actually, we only use firefox. (My god--explorer is just way to freaking slow--i only keep it installed for the occasional occasion when some microsoft internal site that I need to use *refuses* to cooperate with firefox--probably on purpose!)
Anonymous said…
uhhhh, that's "too", not "to". oops
Well, we have shocking trouble with Moxilla. I have just lost my 2 latest postings for my blog. Have you seen Emma's last day on my blog??
baker st jones said…
i thought it was a problem with our own internet connection that i sometimes had to try a few times to get the pix up....if it really frustrates me i eventually save in draft and do it the next day when i feel fresher. tom just keeps trying and starts swearing. i am much more calm and mature these days

sam and becca said…
it often happens to us as well. We swing between Tom's and Anita's reactions...!
Anonymous said…
anita--how did you get there? Is there something I could copy? 'Cause I do the swearing thign as well sometimes, and I would *love* to be more calm and mature.
baker st jones said…
i think for me it was/is a process of being humbled by life. (in a good way)

ie. experiencing yukky things happening to you, and finally realising the only way to make sense of it/cope/stay healthy, positive/thrive despite it, is to surrender your desire to control it all...we can't anyway, so why do we try?


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