We've had the loveliest day, with our good friends, Beth, Charlie & Emily! Beth is just wonderful. She is someone with whom I can be honest, particularly about the struggles and challenges of motherhood, which is such a relief! Mothering is one of the most important, most difficult, and least supported and acknowledged roles in our society. Here in the USA, there's a lot of competition between mothers to look good and have everything very much under control. This creates a void of nurture and comfort for mothers, which we need. So hug a mama today and tell her she's doing a wonderful job!!

Eowyn and Coco wanted me to put their pet snail on the blog. The snail's name is Sally. Everything they name is called Sally! They want me to have another baby and call it Sally!! Our friend Sally is very excellent and would be a brilliant choice of person to name a baby after... IF...!!!!!!!!!


Exactly the thoughts I had about mothering a generation ago.

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