...AND RELIEVED!! We drove all night long to avoid overheating the poor, tired engine, in 3rd gear as the transmission is on its way out, and thanks to Jesus' wonder, we're all at home! Eowyn and Coco love dancing on the common at the bottom of our hill. Our hill is abundant with ripe fruit trees, of which we are oft partaking. Bens has a new disguise... We love you all! Thank you so much for following our adventure with such interest and delight!!


Justin said…
Hooley Dooley. Prayers are answered.
Megs said…
thanks for praying!!!!!!
sam and becca said…
welcome home lovely adys. wow you've made it, what a trip. Has been such a treat following you around. maybe next time we could tag along?
love you all. s+b
Yes to alo the above, BUT... what is Benjamin wearing??
Megs said…
a clue! CASINO!!

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