We're scaredly awaiting news about whether Mum has breast cancer. I hate this waiting and so much wish for her to be OK. Reading Rachel's blog (see link!) today was comforting, in thinking about death and resurrection and hope. However I want my mother to live a very long time. Eowyn and Coco adore their Grandma, and Bens thinks he has the best mother-in-law in the world, and he's right.

These pics of my beautiful girls were taken at 'our' brook. To get there, we cross the road, walk down the hill through the orchard, and voila! A family of new, fluffy, fuzzy little lovely ducklings live there.

Beyond the brook is a huge, green common, which Coco is dancing on in her snow leopard coat, a FABULOUS playground, another stream and tennis courts where Bens and I played, Eowyn bicycled and Cosette tricycled this afternoon!


sam and becca said…
how wondeful, all of that nature and openess so near to your home! i love it. can't wait to see it.

love you. sam
Rachel Jones said…
I was about to write "how lovely to have all of that so close to your home" when I read Sam's comment... I guess it's very true!

Well done Eowyn for riding a bicycle! It's lovely seeing pictures of the girls so happy. Though they do look cold in that stream!

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