Riding in our Chariot We Saw...

Cows are Eowyn, Coco and Megs' favourite animal! (Along with elephants, for Eowyn, she wants you to know!)


WOW!Cows, turkeys (?) and Llamas all on the one ride.
sam and becca said…
That bike is so coool - are they in a trailor? Give a whole new meaning to 'the back-back'!

in our growth group (which sounds similar to yours megs) we decided to read some of the story before the crucifixion and got stuck on Judas Iscariot having a cab company called 'Iscariot Chariots' - but you could never trust them, he'd probably double book you!

Love you all. Sam
Justin said…
My Boy knows what a Lama is!

You say: "What does a Lama say?" and he blows a rasberry and laughs!

Love the Pics, Meg and Ben!
Megs said…
We call the thing the girls ride in on the bag of the bike their Chariot! Now you've just named it our 'Iscariot Chariot'!
Love you all too,
Rachel Jones said…
I think you'll find he means a llama, Justin. Though perhaps lamas often blow raspberries too.

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