Judah and Eowyn!

Eowyn and Judah, both aged four, are playing on the trampoline. This is the conversation I just heard, verbatim!
Eowyn: "We're grown up now. We have to get married!"
Judah: "Married! I like married!!"
Eowyn: "The girl gets to wear a dress and you get to wear a suit. I'll button you up. Button, button, button, button. Now we get to go to the beach."
Judah: "The beach! The beach! I like the beach!"
Eowyn: "I've got my beautiful dress on!"
Judah: "I've got my beautiful dress on too!"
Eowyn: "I walk along with my other bridesmaids and you wait with your suit on right here...No! Get back there!"
Judah: "Why?"
Eowyn: "It wasn't a very long way yet!!"


How utterly gorgeous. E speaks from the lofty position of one who has been in a wedding party.
sam and becca said…
indeed she does. she is one girl in the know. poor judah needs a bit of a pull-along.
Justin said…
Ben and Megs,

Thanks for dropping in on my Blog. Your Blog is great -- love seeing your kids, Megan. Scary how the years go by.

Ben -- I accidently deleted your comment while trying to reply [I was trying to delete my comment.] Tell me that somewhere you have it saved! Hope so. It was the kind of provactive comment I like! [You can email me -- jmoff at hotmail do com.]


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