Happy Anzac Day!

Mummy, Eowyn and Coco's "Australia" presentation at Eowyn's school, featuring 'The Frill Necked Lizard Dance', "Waltzing Matilda" (Which arrived from Grandma just in time! Thanks!), "Possum Magic", Mummy's Kangaroo story, Laughing like Kookaburras and learning that Koalas are NOT bears!!

PS Eowyn knows all the words to "I Still Call Australia Home!"

PPS See you on December 3rd, Australia!!

PPPS I forgot to tell you about the vegemite adventure bites... Most children loved them, but one poor little lad cried and cried when he tasted vegemite...

PPPPS We made them ANZAC bickies, but accidentally ate them all before school ... WOOPS!


sam and becca said…
Megsy, it was great to talk to you on the way to this! It looks totally wonderful. Eowyn looks so proud of her mum - i would be! And darling Coco sitting so studiously by your side and joining in all the actions- she's very brave in front of all those big kids! Can't wait to see y'all on the 6th.
sam and becca said…
btw - happy anzac day! we enjoyed a few anzac biccys dad gave to us last summer.
Justin said…
Anzac Day?

Hmmm... Missed it this year.

Hard when you are not in the country.
Sam and Becca, hope you survived those year-old anzac bikkies. MEGGS, E and C, what a fabulous job you did with Anzac Day. Glad Waltzing M arrived on time.
Nice to see E's school, too.

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