Utterly Vexed...

Grrrrrrrr. Living in this computer-shaped world can be infuriating sometimes, for those of us born in 1970 who grew up without little-screen-shaped-paradigms and all their RIDICULOUS ways. I have been trying for a length of time which I shan't tell you (as it is somewhat embarassing) to create links to others' blogs. And I can't dammit! So I'm going to write them into the text. Which means I win and the ****ing ******** computer doesn't. HA HA HA!
Mum's excellent blog: grettajones.blogspot.com
Rachel's fantastic blog: rachelpmq.blogspot.com
Sam and Becca's adorable blog: samandbecca.blogspot.com
Tom, Anita and Eddie's scintillating blog: fourzed.blogspot.com
Gimena, Rodrigo and Felipe's darling blog: rapelita.blogspot.com
Emma's woofy blog: emmadogblog.blogspot.com
Victory is sweet, foul computer! AHA!


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