Good news! The doc is pretty sure Mum's lump is scar tissue from her lumectomy in 1995 and not cancer. I am SO relieved. Being a pessimist, I had convinced myself she was going to have cancer and die with me a million miles away over here, and it was dreadful. She has a biopsy next week, which is pretty awful, so please pray for her, and that the biopsy only confirms this good news. Thanks!!

Coco and Emi just LOVE the trampoline! Eowyn declared yesterday that she is tired of being called Eowyn, and asked me to ask her teachers at school to start calling her Emi, which they did today!! She is learning her numbers and calls 100 'tenty'! I'm looking for cheap tickets to take Emi to Sun City, California to visit my dear old friend Didy, who shall fly there from Australia in April with her family, visiting her husband's family.

Coco and I had lunch today with Margaret, our wonderful Australian friend here in Seattle. Did you know that Seattle culture seems to have strong Nordic roots? I see Vikings in disguise every day!

I've just been writing for my story group about moving house from Adelaide, South Australia to Kyabram, Victoria when I was 12, which was an incredibly difficult experience. I'm making so many discoveries about myself as I write for this group. It's very therapeutic. Maybe in writing I'll finally find the answer to my question about God, and what he really thinks and feels about me? I hope so!

Bens got all 4.0 out of 4.0 s for his uni marks last quarter. Hooray for Bens. We're all very excited! He only ever gets 4.0 s. He's brilliant!!

Spring is here! The little orchard in our back garden is blossoming. The sun peeps out a little more often. Dinnertime is no longer in the dark. Spring is such a relief!!

Jana, Tim, Ella and baby Colin came over for Martinis, lobster and cheesecake on Saturday night, and we had a fantastic time. Here are Coco, Emi and Ella on Emi's bunk-bed.

Well, maybe not! Perhaps there'll be hiding somewhere else on my blog. I'm not really in control here, you see...

Emi sleeps on the top bunk, Coco on the bottom. When Tom slept on the bottom bunk and me on the top bunk, he used to grab my ankles as I tried to climb the ladder and pull me down. To ,get into bed I had to make a running jump from the other side of the room to evade his attack. Sometimes it took rather a while to get into bed. Then he would poke me and kick me from below. I'd do all that to him, when his was the top bunk and mine was the bottom. And then baby Sylvia became my room-mate. She would stand in her cot and sing to me and smile and laugh and reach for me, and I (despite the 'rules' decreeing not to) would lift her out of bed and cuddle her and laugh and sing and play. I love my five siblings very much!!

Oh my goodness! It's nearly midnight. How did that happen? I'm trying to have early nights these days as I end up feeling SO exhausted, looking after my wonderful hyperactive pair all day long!!!!!!! I need energy ...............

Love to all,


Rachel Jones said…
Gorgeous picture of the girls. I love the static hair!

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