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As it turns out, I guess somewhere between 1970 and 1974, a cutoff occurred, so that people born in '74 or later can figure out how to edit links in a blog in about 10 minutes, whereas people born in 1970 or prior can spend unmentionable lengths of time trying to do so and get nowhere (don't you love the way the "g" lends so much strength to the words "length" and "strength"?). So I fixed lovely Megan's links for her. So now they are working. So now you know why the "utterly vexed" post is there, and the links section is working, all in the same blog.
Now I have to read 7 chapters (150 pages) of my horrible psycho (oh, did I say "psycho"? I meant "psych") textbook so I can be at least a tiny bit prepared for my final on Monday. May I highly disrecommend John W. Santrock's "Life Development, 10th edition"? Thankyou.
Have you seen the latest model of the universe based on Cosmic background Radiation? Pretty freaking kewl! They spent three years looking at cosmic background radiation to confirm that the universe expanded from the size of a pebble to larger than the visible universe (try 15+ billion light years) in less than a trillionth of a second. See here... Also see this totally gnarley atlas of the visible universe, which will begin to help you get your head around what 15 billion light years means...


Rachel Jones said…
That's so funny! I'd noticed all the links as soon as I arrived at your blog today and thought "Wow, Megan's niftier with this blogging than I would have expected. Actually... maybe Benjamin did it for her." And sure enough! Well done team!

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