sam and becca said…
what beautiful girls.. and what a clever photographer! I LOVE the Monty Python Spam link. Dear Aunt Martha tried to feed us week-old spam in Ireland which we had to subtley decline! becca
annie mcintyre said…
Tait wants to say Dear Thankyou to Eowyn and Coco (I don't think she quite understands the concept of sending a message)
Isn't it great to have Annie on our blogs? I'm sure you enjoy spring so much more because of the awful winter. Coco looks SO like Megan at a similar age. Is the budding tree in your garden, Megg?
Megs said…
not that particular tree, BUT there are twenty-four trees in our back garden, sixteen evergreen and eight deciduous ... the eight are all blossoming, excitingly, as I don't know what kind of a tree any of them are yet!!! Come and visit!! Love Megs
Who is that Rachel Jones? It wasn't me.

I came here to say:
It's not your birthday yet in Seattle but it is here so we're celebrating already!

with much love from Aunt Rachel, Uncle Victor and cousin David

PS Hi Annie!

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