Tom and I have touched this painting!

I love the girl bathed in light in the left foreground. Growing up, I always imagined I was that girl, small amidst all the big people. I have been thinking a lot about art, as I am giving an art lesson in Eowyn's class on Monday. I want to teach them that whatever their response is to a piece of art, it is as significant as that of a famous art critic, because each viewer is part of the painting's story!

Bens' 35th party was tonight. I have just washed up, and feel very pleased with the nice clean house. It was a lovely party - our last Bag End party. I am very thankful for our lovely friends here in Seattle, and shall miss them immensely.


Moonaroo said…
Hmmm...Now that I know the personal story behind the painting, I may want it for myself after all. I am just not sure that we have the wall space to give it a good home. Then again, we don't have any bookshelf space either, but that didn't stop us from hoarding books like outlaws!
Are you having to leave Nightwatch behind, my Meggs??? love

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