Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, USA

Eowyn, Coco, Laurel and I went sledding on the slopes where I learned to ski last winter! 3 of us had a wonderful time, and the smallest of us was very cold and sad...

Meanwhile, Bens was in hospital today having a tonsular abcess drained. He's home now, poor love.

We are using the Father Christmas countdown until we leave, and it's 21 days. I am feeling numb, in terms of grieving for the loveliness of living near my close friends here. It is an achy feeling in my belly. the loveliness of seeing family and living nearby more than half of my Jones family doesn't seem real yet.

It's hard getting rid of lots of things which are of sentimental value to me. We just get 8 suitcases full and our carry-on, we've decided not to ship anything as it's too expensive.

We love you all! Thanks for reading this blog!!!!!!!!


Auntie Seren said…
Will you have a new blog when you are in a new home in Australia?

I think Coco and I will share some of the same memories of tobogganing in the cold, hard, inhospitable snow! Sometimes it's no fun being little.
Tell Coco there's no snow in Melbourne!!!!! What a wonderful life you've had in Seattle, my Darling. Sorry about Ben's abscess - must have hurt.
caroline said…
Wow 21 days already!!! It must be hard! Leaving the ship after 2 years was hard even though -in a way I was happy to know what I mean :-) But it´s all about friends...thats way. AND 8 suitcases thats....not much! But free...
Oh Meg I want to call you before you leave I hope I can manage that :-) I think of you in your last weeks!!!
love you!!! caro

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