Chocolate Volcano Cake!!

My good friend Karen took me tonight to a lovely marble bar and bought me a delectable chocolate volcano cake. Inside it, the hot lava was gooey, warm, delicious chocolate. As a chocoholic, the experience was rather heavenly for me. The addict within was yelling 'YIPPPPEEEEE! GIMMMMEEEE GIMMMMEEE GIMMEEEEEE'!

I rather enjoy my love of chocolate. It adds dimensions to life - chocolate, the 6th sense!

The problem is that now I cannot sleep. With the volcano cake, Karen had a hot buttered rum cocktail, and I a 'smores cocktail.

I think there might have been, all together, quite a lot of sugar.

So I am having a 2am hot bath...


Moonaroo said…
Ah, yes, you need more practice. You have not been eating enough "hard-core" chocolate as of late and alas! your tolerance is fading! For Shame!
caroline said…
I´ve send you an email :-)
-love caro
Eat up the chocolate now - when your my age that cake will seem revolting!! from once-was-chocolate-lover
Jenny said…
You are funny Megan.

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