Plunging into Green Lake at the Poetry Polar Bear Club!

WOW! What a fabulous event! Each person read their poem, and took a giant stride closer to the lake, and PLUUUUNGED in! That's me in the middle in the brown and sepia bikini (BRRRRRR), photographed by Eowyn! She and Coco were my fan club! A chap from the Seattle Times afterwards asked me my name, as I had stayed in the longest!!! Eowyn and Coco painted polar bears, giraffes and rainbows on my skin, and I added the words of my poem. Each person's poetry adorned their skin or swimming cossie. Here's my poem, written walking around Green Lake before work (3 miles, one of Seattle's favourite and most beautiful pastimes - I'll take you next time you're here!!)

i'm hot
i'm cold
and bold
with holes


A. K. Allin said…
You were wonderful! I love you! Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for sharing your experience & story & poem. And thanks to your girls for their beautiful creations. When I plan my next event, I'll be sure to call on you.
Dana said…
Yay, we did it! You look so so happy in every single photo. You are beaming.

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