Little PEPpers

Today was the last meeting for my Thursday's Little PEPpers group - it is such a huge honour to share the lives and stories of such wonderful, dear people, and to come to know their faces - parents' and babies', and their voices. This dear little chap was such a joy, ever exploring and delighting in the world. I am going to miss meeting weekly with these lovely souls!!!!


Seren said…
You're skin is glowing! Have you been pampered?
Andrea Rae said…
Hi Meg,
Thanks for being a fab Little Peppers leader. I left a little story for you in your gmail account to say thanks. It was so nice to meet another Aussie here in Seattle. Take care!
Andrea and Owen -xo-
Megs said…

By Andrea, Owen’s mum!

There once was a little boy called Owen. He lived in Seattle, he was six months old, and he loved to play. When he was a five month old boy, he liked to kick, to move his arms and legs, rustle his book, and try to roll over, but now he could sit all by himself, reach for all the things around him, and roll onto his back from his tummy. He was so proud of himself, and his eyes would light up over and over as he discovered all the new things that were revealing themselves to him.

One of his favorite things to do was to go to a mystical place called the land of Little Peppers, a place where there were lots of people, big and little, and lots of toys. The leader in the land of the Little Peppers was a lovely lady by the name of Meg. She talked just like his Mummy. They were both from a far away land called Australia. When Owen first visited Little Peppers land he saw that there were lots of little people just like him. He sat on his Mummy’s lap and looked around at all the commotion, children crawling, some even walking (with help) and others sitting playing. All the children stopped when Meg started singing, songs that Mummy and Owen had never heard before. Owen looked up at Mummy as if to say, why have you been hiding these fabulous songs from me. At home, they would sing these very same songs over and over, and Owen’s smile would stretch as wide as a cricket pitch, and he would let out a little squeal. Owen and Mummy were happy that they had discovered this magical place of playing and songs and big and little people.

Meeting all the big and little people in little peppers land had been very special, and when it was time to stop going to this place of play, Owen and Mummy knew that they would always hold this special time locked away in the memory part of their hearts. Later they would reach into their hearts to remember all these memories.

Owen and Mummy knew that the songs would stay with them for a very long time, and that when Owen was older, Mummy would tell him all sorts of stories. Owen would love to hear the story about the way he would sing out loud and strong when he was in the land of Little Peppers, as if he was saying, I love it here and I love all these people, it is so much fun and everything is so new and interesting and exciting. When Owen was older he would ask Mummy to tell him the stories about the land of little peppers, about Wei, Luke, Abby, Rachel, Ryder, Jett, Rachel who could walk, Paia, Ellie, Eleanor and Caden, again and again. Owen sometimes wondered if it had ever really happened, or if it was all just a wonderful mystical story. Either way, he still loved to hear about the land of little peppers.


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