Chocolate Truffles

Sue, Bens' Mom, gave me a lovely book entitled 'Chocolate'. This was a love which united us. When she cared for Eowyn and Cosette, I would hide chocolates, and she would ALWAYS find, and eat, them.

My plan was to make these truffles for friends for Christmas. Our neighbours, Eddie-next-door, Katie and her family, and Lanet and her family, received truffles. I ate the rest. Chocolate. Mmmmmmm. I thought, since not many truffles made it to their intended destinations, I'd pop the recipe on my blog, so you can make your own. And feel my love.

Firstly, do the boiling-water-in-a-saucepan-with-a-large-metal-bowl-suspended-above-sort-of-thing. (I'm sure there's a more succint way of describing that!) Nextly, bring 2 cups of thick cream gradually to the boil, in the bowl. This cream will have various names, depending on what country you are in. Here in the USofA, it's called heavy cream. I've forgotten what appellation it goes under in the land of Oz, my home. One thing daunting about the idea of moving to Australia is that I've not lived there for a decade, and won't know what's going on. That said, remove the cream, and add 20 ounces of chopped up chocolate (really one ought to chop up significantly more than 20 ounces, so that one can eat some...), and 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, and 6 tablespoons liqueur. I used Navan vanilla cognac in my first batch, and in my current batch (yes, there IS a faint chance those of you in the USA may receive a Happy New Year installation of Megan's chocolate truffles!) there's Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka and Creme de Cacao (which just happen to be the ingredients, along with cream and lime juice, in my infamous Key Lime Martini - 3:1 vodka & c de c, shaken enthusiastically!!)

Now, the mixture relaxes overnight in the 'fridge, covered by a shower-cap, and next morning, is rolled into little round balls, and baptised in Coco, or finely chopped pistachios, or melted chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm. And popped in lovely little gift receptacles and given to friends... or eaten... whichever happens first!!!!! I WOULD so like to make those of you separated from me by oceans some of these truffles!

Much love, and a very happy Silvester, and 2009,


Anonymous said…
Thickened cream, Megs.

I made rum truffles using almost that exact recipe, tho' I skipped the double boiler and used an ordinary saucepan to melt the cream.



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