Here are my lovely little family. The little girls are fast asleep in bed. Eowyn's teacher Holly suggested we shower them with praise at every possible moment, and they've learnt to go to bed again! Yay!! Thanks Holly!

Bens is in California playing Blackjack. He'll be back late Monday night.

Mum is having her mastectomy on Monday. Please pray for her, and Dad, and Tom, Rachel, Seren, Sam and me. It's really hard being so far away at a time when I would like to tangibly minister to her.



sam and becca said…
Well done to Bens on his amazing scores. what a clever chap!! megs - sam is away for the weekend too, at a friend's all-weekend bachelor party in Edinburgh. its the first time he's been away for more than a night and i find it hard. i hope you and the girls are doing ok without bens. we're both bereft of our husbands this weekend. I'm glad you can comment on our blog now! and very very glad that the doctors know what coco's body is doing and have found a good but gooey solution. i hope it helps! lots of love becca

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