Coco has been so charming and delightful through all her tests, and described as 'the model patient'! We are most relieved that the docs have come to a conclusion - it seems Coco has dysphagia. When she swallows thin fluids, a little creeps under her epiglottus and down her windpipe into her lungs, irritating them and making it difficult to breath. SO now we have to thicken all her fluids to the consistency of nectar, thus preventing this from happening and allowing her to learn to swallow, which her doctor predicts will take a few months. She's finding it a little weird, having to drink gooey thick concuctions, but is being a little champion, all in all! Eowyn (who is beginning to READ!) wrote Coco a nametag at gleaning, which Coco showed me, declaring: "I have a sticker, and a name!"


What is gleaning? and where does Eowyn do it?

(BTW, this is Rachel)
Megs said…
gleaning is a thing we go to every week and get all the rejected food from a bunch of really cool organic shops, for free!! They have a childcare program which Eowyn and Coco go to while Bens and I glean!!!!

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