My dear friend Kerstin's precious baby daughter Ani died yesterday. Kerstin, her husband J and her boys, Daniel and Paul, miss Ani with all their hearts - they miss her laughter, her beautiful smiles, her darling presence with them. Kerstin went in to pick her up from her sleep, and little Anita had died. Kerstin isn't able to sleep or eat. She said: "I wish you'd have met Ani - she was the most delightful little girl, always smiling and laughing." Ani's funeral is 2pm South Carolina time (3 hrs ahead of Seattle time) tomorrow (June 27th). Please pray for Kerstin, J, Daniel and Paul. May Jesus comfort each of their physical bodies with refreshing sleep and nourishing food as they long for precious Ani's presence with them.

I like to envisage baby Ani and my little brother Stephen, who was 2, nearly 3 when he died, each sitting on one of Jesus' knees, laughing, playing, held tightly and safely in the loving embrace of Jesus.

(Ani's name is short for Anita, named in honour of Kerstin's Mum)

God willing, Bens, Eowyn, Coco and I shall be able to hug Kerstin and her family in person, when we visit them in August. Please feel free to leave messages for them on this blog for me to pass on.



So sorry to hear about little Ani, Megan. Please give my love to Kerstin. I know for me,when Stephen died, the only comfort was the enormous love of God. "Though the mountains may fall and the hills turn to dust, yet the love of the Lord will stand." Tho' those pictures of him in Heaven with Jesus were also a help. much love.
baker st jones said…
How terribly sad. I can think of nothing more heart rending.

I pray that Kerstin and her family can feel God's love and presence.

LP said…
oh... how painful... i cannot even comprehend it...
Megs said…
with much love dearest Kerstin, J, Daniel and Paul. You are much in our thoughts, and we pray for you each evening during Eowyn and Coco's bedtime ritual.

We are so thankful for the time we spent together with you. We miss you!!

Much love,
Megs, Bens, Eowyn and Coco
PS Kerstin the name of the wee-wee remover is 'kids 'n' pets' and their number is 1-877-846-7826 If you can't get it there, tell me and I'll pop some in the post for you. I loved talking with you tonight. I'm sorry not to have been sensitive to you at the end of the conversation. I love you.

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