Walk in Her Shoes Day 1

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So, here I am at the office, after a long hard day at work, anticipating my walk/run home with an exhausted and somewhat crestfallen anticipation. Perhaps this is a little bit more what it is like for my sisters who are very poor, around the world. I lost a lot of blood giving birth to Eowyn, and felt weak afterwards and was given blood transfusions. There are many mothers in developing countries walking around with very low haematocrit (from losing blood giving birth and NOT getting to have a blood transfusion, and from a diet low in iron and vitamin C and other nutrients). Their energy levels would be way lower than mine after a long day at work - I have a great diet, I'm healthy, I'm fit, I'm strong. I'm going to enter into the sense of exhaustion and lethargy I have, as a means to feel connected to those for whom I am undertaking this endeavour.

Thanks for reading and coming along for the ride!!!!!!!!

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