In Her Footsteps, Day 1

Hello readers!
Today I began a seven day challenge, to walk 10 thousand steps per day, in solidarity with the impoverished women in the world who have to walk an average of just that, every day, to get water and firewood and such. I ran out our driveway with a delightful Coco cheering and clapping, and waved to her as I bounced along.

A beautiful rainbow encircled my way, reminiscent of the rainbow picture of Venice at 'Radiance - the Neo-Impressionists' which I indulged in yesterday, by Cross or Signac or somebody...

As I ran, I thought about the women in Uganda who would walk to get water. The path was muddy, and the big oblong plastic containers of water were muddy. They balanced them on their heads, with the most amazing, agile posture, necks like swans, queenly amidst poverty and dirt. Their feet were bare, with a little line around the side of dried mud. Some had babies wrapped around their backs in large squares of cloth. The babies would peep out at me, contented at life being as it was every day. (My projection, of course!!)

I tried to balance one of these water containers on my head, having filled it with just a little water in a very muddy stream, and it swayed precariously hither and thither, slopping water and hurting my neck. I clumsily put it down. A little seven year old girl named Esther laughed at me, her brown eyes sparkling, lifted it up, put it on her head and walked primly along.

As I ran, in my expensive trainers, cool drizzling rain kissing my cheek, leather purse full of plastic cards, no water on my head, I pondered how different my life is from my Ugandan sisters. And yet, today, this week, I am thinking of them. And thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, practically helping women in Third World countries. Thank you!!!!!!!


Mishalleneous said…
What a wonderful idea Megs! We'll be cheering you on!
Megs said…
Thanks a million Mish! Was sooooo good to see you last night!

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