Writing Group!

Here are my wonderful writing group, Ingrid (top left & bottom middle), Melissa (top middle) and Valeria (bottom left), meeting this morning around our kitchen table. Melissa has recently been in New Zealand, where a friend described her writing group as being very strict, lots of rules, no social banter and certainly no food.

Our writing group, on the other hand, is filled with laughter, conversation, delicious food, and, today, key lime martinis! (An early cocktail hour!)

Afterwards, Mum, Rachel and I had luscious massages together, and coffee with little David too, and I went 2nd hand book shopping, and visited dear Martina, Mark, Sara and their brand-new-born-today-darling-David-Jun-Yan! We've just had family dinner - bacon and pea quiche - and I've read to Coco from E. Nesbit's 'The Would-be-goods', which I purchased today, published in 1911, a century ago!

Eowyn, alas alack, has grown out of bedtime stories. She IS an absolute book worm, but only occasionally, when the book is to her liking, will she join Coco and me for bedtime reading. Bens has yet another essay due, having handed one in by midnight last night, and lots of exams coming up.

I return to work tomorrow. I am a little daunted - it has been so very lovely and relaxing lazing around all last week. I want to do more lazing around!! I am feeling sad at the loss of Ronan, and sometimes still achy of tum. Thank you once again for your loving support!

Much love,



Maryam So said…
Meg, I love this blog. How do I follow you on my blog? Does it show I'm so new to the world of blogging?
Love and hugs to you Megs as you navigate your way through this loss. xoxo Jo
Maryam Sol said…
Meg, I found out how to follow you but it doesn't show on my page. I need to play around with it a little more. I am, now, following you and Monica :-)))

It is so interesting that you mentioned the night we went to see Nick Hornby, because last night I was thinking about the exact same event. I was at the library to hear Michael Ondaatje (the writer of English Patient) to talk. He is fascinating. I love him. I was introduce to him years ago in college in a canadian lit class. Anyhow I was at the same audiotorium and was missing you and thinking that if you were here you would've gone with me :-((( Miss you a lot.
Megs said…
I would LOVE to have gone with you Maryam dearest! xxxxx

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