Bens, Eowyn and Coco came to visit me in hospital. "You need some light and fresh air," said Bens. "you mustn't leave the hospital grounds," said the nurse. "I have the perfect place to show you," said Bens. "It would be very dangerous if you were to bleed," said the nurse.

"Hmmmmm," I thought. "I trust my husband. Off we go!!"

This pic is where Bens took us! I love having a husband and two girls. I am deeply sad that I shall never get to meet the little one who was growing within me, secretly, unbeknownst to me until I experienced some of the most excruciatingly painful moments of my life. My body was grieving the loss of this little one, whom I love, whose face I haven't seen.

Bens, Eowyn, Coco and I named our baby Ronan Isabella Elrond Samwise Pippin Ady.

Thank you for your love for me. I feel so surrounded and sustained right now. Kindly people are feeding us and listening to me and ringing up and praying. Thank you. I love you all.


Gimena said…
beautiful -wise-strong-sweet woman...
-i love you, I love your family...
I hug you and I send you my love and wishes of healing!
Adios pequeñito bebé...pajarito de otros mundos.
Love love love love.
Rachel J-L said…
Lovely photo. I like thinking of you all at home together again.

love, rachel

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