When Eowyn and Coco met the Queen

Eowyn is on the very left at 1.15 in this newstory, proudly holding her Aussie flag. Coco is offstageleft! The Queen and my girls were right next to each other, and my girls curtsied beautifully!

All these years with my beautiful, Royalist mother makes this very moving for me! My darling American husband just doesn't get it!

This newstory is especially significant, as it is introduced by Jeremy, one of my closest friends in journalism school!

I still can't believe E and C met HRH Queen Elizabeth II!

Long live the Queen!


moNEEKa said…
That is exciting! Well done!
yes, definitely her. If you could get the Fed Square film, you'd see her curtsy. Doesn't she look eager?????

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