Pondering. Wondering. Hmmmmmm...

I love the close-knit-ness of this blogging community. I am thinking of you all as I sit down at our computer, this cold, cosy Sunday morning.

I have been offered a job as a secondary school nurse. This is exciting, in a lot of ways, and daunting. One specific concern of mine is that the supervisor is something of a tough 'un. She seems angry, and makes discouraging, suspicious comments. I am one who thrives on encouragement, and it daunts me to work with such a person. I don't know her well, so there is something to be said for waiting to find out more about her, but then again, my intuition is good, and I trust myself. I had awful experiences of being bullied when I worked as a student midwife at Blacktown Hospital special care nursery. But I am older now, and I think more able to stick up for myself. I had the most incredible, encouraging, uplifting supervisor in my job at PEPS in Seattle, and thrived with her. It's almost as if when I have somebody believing I am amazing, I am amazing. I'm not sure if I have the strength to do all that believing for myself? It is certainly worrying me.

Oh. I just found an Aussie $100 note. Wonder what that is doing here?

The girls and I are going to church this morning, riding the tram, as right afterwards we, Bens, Rachel and David shall lunch at Dad's - he's making us lamb chops, potatoes and peas! I am looking forward to this!! On Tuesday evening, he, Serendipity and I shall go to see King Lear.

Dad and I went on a hike together last Thursday. I shall find a picture from it to go with this post. The red birds were stunning, and it was lovely to have lots of time to talk. I am having a little trouble finding a picture. They're all on facebook, and facebook is very  slooooooooooooow this morning!

I am very much enjoying my dear little family, Bens, Eowyn and Coco. Though I find myself stumped at the morning schoolday routine - vexation vexation vexation!


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