Woo hoo!

At the top of Silver Fir Outback ski run, which, as it happens, is a blue run, rather than a black diamond run as I told you last time. But it is still very steep and very scary and I feel very pleased to have skiied it thrice today, as well as Golden nugget, Alpine (alone, the mountain all mine, as they had closed! WOW!), Holiday & Alpental. This I'm guessing is my last ski for the season. Perhaps the next time I ski will be in Australia! Thanks, Bens darling, for a superb Christmas present!
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Congratulations, Meggs. Lots of good skiing in Vic. Much love
Moonaroo said…
Megs, that is a beautiful photo and good for you! We were skiing today, it was great for the children to go with their grandmother, she is over 70 and still going strong on the slopes!

When you said that you did a black diamond run, I thought that maybe you skiied down Hog Wild (a black diamond run) to get to Silver Fir.
Gimena said…
aaahhhh!! lovely pics !!
Moonaroo said…
Megs, I got the solstice party invite and we are on! I am so glad that it is on a Saturday night this year.

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