Admittedly with the support and encouragement of a lovely lady from ski patrol. It was my great friend Karen's favourite run, Silver Fir, and it had closed, but I was still slowly (very slowly!) coming down the mountain, and she skiied up and said 'Take your time, you're doing well!' which was SOO encouraging.

Skiing is exhilarating. A sport I want to play all my life - and to introduce to my Eowyn and Coco (and any other of you that would like!) Now, the grammar and feel of that sentence were atrocious. But one nice thing about you blogging people is that you are so gracious and don't mind!

Bens had a really good job interview on Friday at the Kirkland (where Costco began!) Police Dept. - the position is as a 911 (emergency) dispatcher, and the people interviewing him, to whom he would report, were incredibly kind and great. SO I hope he gets it! 

I have all new people in my Little PEPperS groups this coming week, which is always nerve-wracking - frankly, I feel like an idiot, singing songs by myself as nobody knows them yet, trying to generate conversation from timid silence ... yet it's good, too, because without that part of the relationships, there wouldn't be the wonderful connections which come later in the 11 weeks.

The girls go back to school tomorrow after a week's spring break, so we're all going to get a little shock when the alarm goes off at 7.15am! After getting the girls off to school, I have a special Monday morning walk to Lake Washington, then yoga, then Coco arrives home on her yellow bus, driven by the wonderful Ms Debbie, who painted Coco's beautiful portrait, and mid-afternoon we pick up Eowyn from school, and come home and they exude energy and I try to keep up! Bens is going to be working on a friend's car tomorrow, bartered in exchange for the friend helping us paint our house - something which needed doing as (shock horror!) our little artists hadgradually painted and drawn all over walls, during our 3 1/2 years here at Bag End. NO MORE O' THAT!



well done meeps! i'd love to learn to ski.
Congrats, Madame Ski. You could start off your Little Peppers with a get-to-know-you game?? At TESOL classes, we get them to line up in age, height, etc. Or give them an interview sheet, find someone who has...scaled Mt Rainier, etc. Sure you don't need my help, but am so excited about my classes. love, and hopes and prayers for Bens job
Moonaroo said…
Megs, I am so proud of you! I am sure that you did an excellent job, it is nice to hear that ski patrol was so supportive. Hopefully you can catch Silver Fir next time.

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