My acting bio for this year's EEU auction performance...Which pic should I use?!!!

Megan Ann Jones Ady

Megan's favorite role ever was 'Bilgewater Bessie' in the EEU's 2007 'Treasures' Auction. She has performed in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Benin and Italy as part of the LOGOS II Street Theatre Team. On white sandy beaches in her homeland, Australia, she has acted in Forster SUFM's theatre for children, for whom she also wrote and directed dramatic productions. Megan's love of theatre grew out of her delight in writing and directing plays which she and her five younger siblings performed in her childhood home. She is eternally grateful for the EEU's place in the lives of her children Eowyn and Cosette.


Anonymous said…
i like the one you holding an infant + the tulips in the background - beautiful!
Moonaroo said…
The last one, humorously. You and Coco seriously.
caroline said…
Great colors of the one, where you hold Eowyn with the tulips in the background! Great Pic of you!!! It has something 70`s -Hippy.
How are you anyway?
love caro.
Megs said…

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