I HAD imagined myself zooming down the mountain on a snowboard, similiar to the picture below... In reality, I spun around and around in circles, vexed beyond belief. Nathalie and Josephine felt similarly, so we changed to skiing!!! 

Today I was very honoured to attend the baptism of Katie's Josephine June, as her Godmother. And now I'm off to writing group at Third Place Books pub, with chocolates for Karen, Maryam and Monica, so they can experience my story multisensorily!


Anonymous said…
What a lovely & loving choice for Josephine June's Godmother!
And what a great picture of you on the lift :) Sorry snowboarding didn't work out - will you try again?
How is Eowyn's hip? So sorry I couldn't walk with her to swimming on Friday - did she make it okay?
MIssing you.
I'm glad you came out of it alive. Rach and I were remembering doing it down Mt St Jacinta, near LA, and whizzing VERY fast a whisker away from trees that would have killed us if we'd hit them. And there's Natasha Richardson......Love you, Meggs

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