Bag End Quotes of the March

When I lived on board LOGOS II, my role as journalist and photographer involved writing a weekly report. I would add a 'general office quote of the week', which quickly became something of an institution on the ship. People would eagerly open the weekly report on Mondays as soon as I sent it out to see what the week's quote was. People would hang around me, (especially on Mondays!) saying witty things, in the hope I'd include them that week. So I begin the monthly Bag End quote(s) with these fond memories from the past. 

Coco bounced eagerly into our bed this morning, shouting 'SURPRISE!' and awakening us. Bens said "You're a little lark in a family of owls." Coco replied, "No, I'm not the little family lark. I'm the little family surprise!"

Eowyn, being an owl, was asleep, but in a more awake part of the day said to me, "I'm alike to you in your ways Mum and alike to Daddy in his ways, so I'm kind of a both-er!!"

My friend Nathalie, her daughter Josephine and I are very excited, as we've been invited to learn to snowboard free of charge, as part of a wonderful women's community endeavour! Can you believe that? WOW!

Bens is being so amazing, working really hard at finding work, despite the discouragements thus far. The executive director at my work, when I told him our situation, said they didn't have more work for me, BUT he is willing to connect me with other early learning and non-profit enterprises in the community, and to be a reference for me, which is encouraging. 

Bens' bike still goes, and so he'll be able to whizz (carefully) around on it, which he enjoys.

Much love to this dear blogging community - 'tis such a lovely space to share with you!

Of course, now we don't have cell phones, there won't be so many pics on Bag End. Maybe it's a good opportunity for me to share words with you for a while! Thanks for reading and love,



i like your quote of the month idea. we will miss your pics but glad you'll still be entertaining us with your words :)

b xx
Ditto and Ditto. love from your Mum

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