I am feeling thankful today ... for many things.
In the wee small hours of this morning I held Coco tight - her heart was racing, she was feverish and breathing fast, and leaning against me without strength. She couldn't put her chin on her her chest, and our nurse feared she had meningitis - such an awful, painful disease - and sent us to the children's hospital emergency room. I was frightened. Coco was peaceful, nestled in my arms, and she doesn't have meningitis! 

I am so thankful for my dear little family - Bens' motorbike accident and Coco's being sick makes me realise afresh how very precious each of them - Eowyn, Coco and Bens - are to me. Yesterday morning they brought me brekkie in bed, and we all snuggled together, and it was heavenly. It's so wonderful having such love, such family.

I am thankful for my dear growing-up-family, and the loving ways you all connected with me for my birthday, and for my friends, ditto!! Karen has pics of our party last night at her blog (which is linked just over there to the right!) I enjoyed last night so much, and am VERY thankful for such wonderful friends!!!!!!!!!


Moonaroo said…
In answer to your "yes" to the voicemail question, should I delete that following or not? I will do it for you if you ask me to, although some of his stuff is fairly interesting although I am not sure how genuine it is. Please let me know.
So very thankful all well, Darling

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