This delightful lighthouse I discovered swimming out into the Atlantic from Waikiki Beach, Salem, Mass.! There I saw GROUNDHOGS for the first time in my life!

Bens did an EXCELLENT job looking after Eowyn and Coco and our home, Bag End, in my absence!

I've just doused our entire home with tea tree oil, which is a doubly sacred rite for me, in that it both cleanses away germs and connects me with my dear brother Stephen, with whom I would sit in our temple of the wind, listening to the Melaleucas sing.

Love to you all,

PS I think I'm going to apply to Amherst (Uni of Mass.) MFA as well as Iowa. Amherst is near about 4 different unis, one at which Bens could study psychology! I really like New England!! And I really like YOU!


Thankyou, my darling, for sharing your time away with us - wonderful pics and prose. It all seems to have gone so well, and good to add Maine to your collection of state signs. I had always thought I would one day visit Boston, Mass, etc. I'm glad your little family is together again. Much love, me

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