Spending time with lovely Sam and Becca and the wonderful Talbot/Winter family was fantastic. Here we are about to compete in a 5km running race at Friendship, Maine (Becca won a trophy, and we all won pizza!)
Brunch at Thomastown bakery - lobster benedict, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of licorice tea. MMMMMMMM!

Becca's holiday house in Maine is a timeful place, using the word as Sheldon Vanuaken does, to imply a deep, full, wonderful space where connection and people and beauty and the cool sea and the mysterious blankets of fog and sailing on the 'Osprey' and laughing and indulging in divine meals and whizzing along in the little sailboat with Sam and kayaking and ... it was a superb time!

Becca, Sam and I drove down to Boston last night, mooned the moon from the banks of the Charles River (an old tradition of Sam's and mine) and said goodbye ... I am so glad to have spent time with them, and the sad ache in my heart on saying goodbye is satiated by the beauty of this time together.


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