Reflecting on motherhood, I am very thankful for my role in Eowyn and Cosette's life, and theirs in mine. This chalk drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, entitled 'Virgin with Child, St. Anne & St. John the Baptist' is a favourite of mine. I love Mary's deep serenity, and long for such myself.


Jenny said…
It is a lovely drawing.
Re: the Red Tent. Yes, the relationship with sheep was a worry. The book actually brought to life those times...I didn't like it all. I was interested in the way the characters we have heard about so often were portrayed. Especially Leah and Sarah.
I have joined a book club which means that I will be reading some books I probably would not pick up off the shelf myself. As we are all busy people we have a month to read each one.
I think one learns what meditation on Christ is from Art

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