A crisp spring morn!

Eowyn & Coco's hampster woke me at 4am, scuttling around Bens and my bedroom. I couldn't get back to sleep, so went for a wondrous early morning stroll, down to the pond, where our family of beavers and two families of ducks were swimming in the crisp spring morn. I felt close to my maker, and amazed at the wonder I sleep through almost every morning!!


Fancy having such a pond. I would love to meet a beaver, apart from in stories. Here's a wonderful poem, from which comes the title of a book I am reading, by Eugene Petersen:
"...for Christ plays in 10,000 places,
Lovely in limbs,and lovely in eyes not his,
To the Father through the features of men's faces." GM Hopkins
Jenny said…
Hi Megan.
I think if i awoke to scuttling i would be horrified by the thoughts of mice!
I would love to see a beaver and its dam in real life.
sam and becca said…
hi megs. i woke at 5:30am this morning. its just gone 6am now and I am inspired by your blog to go outdoors in the sun to the local pond in the park. i feel horrid to be awake so early (i'm sure it becomes the norm when you have kids) but now i am looking forward to gettting outside and seeing what goes on at this time :) becca xx

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