Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"First Day of May
Things are Beginning
Down in the Shadows
Hip Hip Hooray!"
James Taylor
(I'm not so sure about the shadows line...)

Yesterday I began my first novel!
...In the forests above Salzburg, where it is summer.
I am excited about this new venture, down in the shadows!!!



sam and becca said...

yay :)

stephanie said...

Once at a James Taylor concert he said his dad used to say every year on May 1: "The first of May, the first of May, outdoor f---ing begins today."

sam and becca said...

brilliant! i hear the Botanic Gardens in Rome are rather nice if you climb over the fence on a lovely may day! :) looking forward to seeing you megs, B x

Megs said... is a natural hotspring on the snowy alpine heights!!!!

Megs said...

May 18 is international outdoor sex day. !