My mind is in India!

...having just finished Yann Patel's 'Life of Pi'. (This pic is by Becca's sister Triona.)

The little girls (and I in a tick) are jumping REALLY high on the trampoline. This afternoon I'm going to be labour support person for a friend who's having her first baby - prayers and good wishes for her, boyfriend, baby and me much appreciated. My wonderful Bens is coming home early from uni to look after the girls - he really is an amazing, reflective, humble, giving, sensitive and wonderful man. I'm thankful for him, Eowyn, Coco, and you, my wonderful blogisphere community!!




Have just read a book which you would like, Meggs: Sally Vicker's "The Other Side of You". Vickers is a psychotherapist plus univ lit lecturer, plus Fine Arts expert. The book is about using the paintings of Caravaggio to help in therapy.

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