Coco and Ciona play picnics at school!

Hello! Coco and Ciona didn't want to go home today from school! Usually, she greets me by running across the room and leaping into my arms, saying "MUMMY'S HERE!" Today she just said "Ciona and I are having a picnic and we're not yet finished!" This sparked a conversation amongst we Mothers gathered about the slow and painful process of letting go of our children and not being number one any more.

Eowyn is very excited about starting Kindergarten in September, and for "Eowyn-And-Mummy-Time" her current number one activity is spying on the Kindergarten class together.

Bens has just written a magnificent essay in Spanish about Argentina (where we met) and the lovely community building habits of drinking yerba mate and kissing people on the cheek when you greet and farewell them. We both adore Argentina, her warm breezes, lively music, amazing people, delicious aromas, vibrant colours. One is more alive in such a land!

I am utterly exhausted. I cooked for 60 people yesterday - clams rotini, oven baked capsicum stuffed with cherry tomatoes (skins individually pinched off 'n all!), fresh marjoram and fresh basil... (and, always, ZE GARLIC!) and for dessert, Australia's very own LAMINGTONS, 300 of them, delectably celebrating ANZAC day! The girls helped, and Bens was an absolute super-star, cleaning the kitchen afterwards, which he's MUCH better at and more thorough than me!!!!!! It's man's work, really!

We are spending the weekend in Canada, with our lovely friend Arenda, at her family's peaceful riverside cabin. I am very excited!!! And it's lovely to get some draughts of pure commonwealth air!!

Skype has been the excitement of the last weeks - I've spoken to Seren, Caro & Martin, April, Dave, Taylor, India, Ethan (and delightful views of Baby-The-Next in April's beautiful tum!) & Sam & Becca thus far ... each time with its share of technical hitches! I cried for ten minutes when I saw Seren. Certainly all this technology makes being so far away from so many I love a little easier!



Did you make all the lamingtons yourself?? Who was all the food for?

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