Guess what? I have a ticket to Boston, in July, to see Sam and Becca! For the rest of my week, I have the delightful options of Acadia National Park, Maine, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, The Old Man of the Mountain, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, the Boston Insitute of Art... I think poring over maps and planning adventures must be one of my favourite things to do!

Not so my Bens! He is a homebody, and would much rather stay at home, warm and snug, curled up with a book!!

We've just enjoyed a lovely glass of red wine by the fire. Tonight we saw the movie 'Iraq in Fragments', which gave faces and voices and colour and light and stories and names to people affected by the war. It was a sobering experience for which I am thankful. It's almost as if the war in Iraq was just a concept, a nebulous idea, until watching this film. The Kurds in it appreciated the USAs having intervened on their behalf, whilst those in Baghdad and the South considered US oppression worse than Saddam's reign. Perhaps surprisingly, amidst horror and sadness, the movie was imbued with hope. I think we humans have a tendency to hope, even in the most appalling circumstances...


meeps that is so great!!!!!!! i'm so thrilled and pleased that it has worked out. it will be wonderful to see you there in the usofa :) can't wait. lets speak soon.
love sam
what are your dates? boston is great. have you been before? i love the museum of modern art and there's another beautiful gallery i remeber being wonderful but can't remember the name. will find out for you. its good to have you back in the blogosphere and see our adventures and ponerings and faces of the lovely girls. love to them and you and bens. love becca xx
that should say "your adventures and ponderings" .. typos. bxx
it's the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum, opposite the big Museum of Fine Art (which is great) - it was her house and has a beautiful courtyard and winding steps, an ethereal feel and gorgeous art collection. b xx
So exciting about Boston, Darling. Just you??

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