What an amazing miracle - a touch of divine. Life and death coming face to face. Mother, struggling, in pain. Father, retreating, coming near, in wonder, in fear. Midwife, helping mother believe in her power, her strength as woman.

Impossible, straining, striving, giving up, trying again...
And suddenly there is a new person in the room! A tiny beauty, with liquid blue eyes, so clear, so wonderful! Mother engages her with love, Father with tears, Midwife with joy. She is real and she is tiny and she is HERE!!

I'm thankful and honoured for the wonder and delight of sharing this wonder.


Wonderful Darling. Were ypou the midwife??
I know ypou wasn't. I was actually wondering about you.
Megs said…
...being the midwife again, one day? possibly! bens has just brought me keylime pie and icecream by candlelight...
Anonymous said…
Such thoughtful words on the beauty of birth!
Guess what? I had a patient last night that reminded me of you... she (Agnes) and her husband (Eric) moved from France to Vancouver a year ago (their baby's second middle name is George after George Vancouver!). She had a lovely accent and spoke French with her Quebec-born obstetrician. She mused aloud about the differences between mother-baby care in first and third world countries.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

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