What's with the USofA?

This is a discussion from the wonderful Bens' blog which I thought I might just transplant over here... My good friend Kate said:

"I am always interested when Americans say they are the most blessed nation on the earth. Certainly, they are the richest overall, but the most blessed? What is this sense of destiny as God's chosen people that so many Americans seem to share?
And as an Aussie I tend to think I come from a pretty darn good country too: we call it "the lucky country" (sometimes with heavy irony). Isn't this interesting; the difference between luck and being blessed?"

Kate, I'm with you in wondering about the way States-siders worship their country. A two-hour drive north from here to Canada brings us into a paradigm similar to Australia - so perhaps there's a clue in the historical events which separate the Europeans who happened to end up becoming "Canadian", and those who became "American".

Interestingly, Latin American countries are also extremely patriotic, in a manner similar to the USofA. Perhaps there was a quality in some of the Indigenous people of the Americas which lends itself towards fiercely loving one's country in 2007.
These mysteries...


arenda said…
Hi Megan!
I read your blog frequently & love hearing about you, your family, your adventures and your thoughts. You make me think a lot.
I moved home to BC while you were in Australia... was getting a little homesick (with regards to my family and my country) and am living with my parents for now and working as a Labour and Delivery Nurse in Vancouver. You must come and stop in for a visit the next time you are in Canada! :)
I hope you & your loved ones are starting to feel better... three weeks is an awfully long time to be sick with the flu!!
Much love,
Megs said…
How lovely for you to be home Arenda! And yes, we would LOVE to visit you!! Goody goody!!
phoeberae said…
Hope that's the lovely Kate I know who directed me here to your blog. She sure does say some sensible and intelligent things!

I hope you don't give up your blog for lent. I've giving up stress... much more fun!

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