Influenza, etc.

Well, I was exercising a far degree of unrealistic positive thinking in assuming we'd be better today... Coco's party was wonderful - our friends here are just delightful and we're very thankful for them. We had to have a lot of meds on board to ensure we didn't cough on them or totally space out... This is Influenza Day Nine, and it's actually painful, not just annoying. Eowyn and Coco are simply amazing in braving the awfulness of being so sick, as is Bens, as am I...

This song, from Rachel and Victor's wedding, is helping me through.

Blessed be your name

When there's pain in the offering

When the darkness is all I see

Blessed be your name

Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be your name

Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be your glorious name.

You give and take away,

You give and take away,

My heart will choose to say,

Blessed be your name.

Love you all,


PS Bens and I just watched Little Miss Sunshine and Sam and Becca's recommendation, and it was GREAT!

PPS We all watched SHREK and SHREK II and But I'm a Cheerleader at Seren's recommendation, and they are all great too! Why did I put Shrek in capitals. Dunno. But I'm not going back to change it

PPPS The pics are a little incongruous with the blog entry, but you know who they are.
PPPPS The cake. You don't know who the cake is. The cake is a MONSTER CAKE, made for me by my excellent cabinmate Caro, who lives in Germany with her Martin and her Germany. Hi Caro! Danke schon!! Our cabin, for reasons which you must imagine, was called the Monster Cabin...


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