The Pastitsio... in the oven (Seren's yummy recipe) Bens and the girls are playing the phonics game, and so, for the first time in umpteen hours, I can sit down and relax! Mothering is much harder work than anything I've ever been paid for!

Thank you all for your lovely, encouraging comments about my blog! Oh, Coco is yelling, SO enthusiastically, "THE FIRE'S ON!!" Our fire is somewhat moody.

Sam and Becca, I am terribly disappointed you won't be visiting us in the summertime! Now, Sam, you and I are both in the situation (when Tom, Anita, Ed and Seb leave) of being the only Jones' in the country we're living in, and not having a clue when next we'll see the rest of the family. It's so much better when there's a ticket booked, or a roadtrip planned, or something exciting to anticipate! Makes the time we all had in Australia all the more significant, doesn't it!?! I MIGHT have enough frequent flyer points from Oz to get to Europe, or at least to Maine! Not in January as we'd planned though, as Bens shall be in uni. And not enough points to reach Thailand or Australia, either. Who knows, SamBecca, we MAY be seein' you!?! As for the rest of our beloved, long-lost, far-away family and friends ... je ne sais pas!!


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