We're home!!

Where's home? Wherever Bens, Eowyn, Coco and I am!!

It's wonderful to be reunited. Coco just about exploded with joy to see Bens, and all the way home was saying "That's my Daddy!! That's my Daddy!!"

Our plane ride home was surprisingly easy. Saying goodbyes was devastating, and my heart is sore, knowing the recent familiarity of Seren, Dad, Mum, Rachel and Victor shall fade...
I visited my Grandfather and his wife Jo a few hours before flying out, which was hard. He is 94, so I wanted to say 'goodbye', as it is likely I won't see him again.

Dad, Aunty Lucy, Peter Robinson (the vicar who married us!), Naomi (dear old friend) & Philippa (my bridesmaid) all came to Kyeemagh Baths, on Botany Bay, just before we flew off, which was lovely. We swam in the blue bay, strolled on the sandy beach, watched Mum's plane (to London, Sam, Becca, Tom, Anita, Eddie & Sebastian) take off, and had a lovely time.

In Hawaii, in a rather vague state, having not slept on the flight from Sydney, I thought we'd utilise our layover by going for a swim at Waikiki beach. We hopped on a bus, chatted with the jolly driver, and sat down. My brain slowly ticked over, calculating the time the bus would take to get to the beach, our swim, the return, the numerous security checks at the airport, and realised we would miss our plane. These mathematical deductions took three bus-stops, at which point the jocund driver let us off, we crossed the rode, chatted to a chap at the busstop whom Eowyn thought was one of the Wiggles, and made it back in time for our plane!!

It is kind of weird being in the USofA. People speak with funny accents and stare at me - Rachel says that in Thailand it's quite acceptable to stare for really long periods of time. Here, the 'acceptable stare' time period is only slightly longer than in Australia, but it's unnerving when one is not used to it! And my Bens speaks with a funny accent (and stares at me a lot, but I don't mind!!) Being more aware than usual that I'm married to an American is not something I'm used to. He is very gentle and delightful and insightful.

Eowyn is super excited about being back at school on Monday!

I am super excited about a rather marvellous gift Bens had waiting for us on our arrival home. Can anybody guess what it might be?


Helen said…
I'm so glad you had a great trip and made it home safely and are all together again!

So tell us what the gift is...I can't guess!
a kitten. am also glad the trip went so well. and relieved about the bus in hawaii.
sam and becca said…
we miss you megs!! so glad you are all home safely and together again. it does take quite some time to recover doesn't it? it must be so nice for you and the girls to be with Bens again.

i'm dying to know what he got you. Sam said 'a dog' but i don't think you like pets - is that right? Or you don't like pets on top of the other responsabilities in life. i can only cope with fish.

So my guess is that B got you a giant paddling pool (from the hint in your email)... Or a pet Kangaroo. Love Becca

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