Blog Tag!!

These flowers are in Mum's garden - she's created the most amazing tropical paradise, with avocadoes and passion fruit and Australian natives - Wattle, Grevillea, Jacaranda, Casuarina, Melaleuca, Callistamine - all in the six years they've lived here!!

My beloved Bens has tagged me in a game of blog tag started fifty years ago in Northern Iceland (OK OK not all that sentence is entirely accurate!!!!)
The rules?
1. Tell five little-known things about yourself.
2. Tag at least 5 people
I tag (and miss!) Sam, Becca, Tom, Anita and Eddie!! You're it!!

Oh, and my 5 little-knowns... Hmmmmm!!!!
1. I played French Horn in Year 7, in the school band...
2. I swam 20 laps a day in junior high
3. My first ever chapter book (Eowyn loves being read chapter books! Gump finished reading her CS Lewis' 'The Lion, etc.' last night!!) was Enid Blyton's Binkle and Flip, which I read, utterly absorbed, aged 5, as my family drove down the Champs Elysses (sp?) in Paris
4. I wrote my first novel when I was 7, and my brother Tom 'published' it!!
5. I have aspirations to start a company training Americans who interact with people from other countries in how to make positive connections with them!

I've just swum in the Pacific ocean, which I love ... I do wish it were smaller - my life would be SOOOO much easier!! And the Atlantic, too! If London, Port M, Chiang Mai and Seattle were all really close, it would be GREAT!!!!!!!!! Spending time with my Jones family is so lovely, but I am beginning to anticipate more heart wrenching goodbyes. And a WONDERFUL hello, when at last I see my dear beloved Benjamin!!


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