The Beach Upon Which Bens & Megs Were Married!

It's hard to believe the sun is still shining brightly in Australia, now we're home in the chilly, gray, dark, naked Northern Hemisphere Winter. St. John's Wort is proving to be an effective anti-depressant. Nothing really bothers me - I wish my usual personality was a little more like this! Thanks, Anita and Tom, for recommending me take it (in Firenze, Italy! Tom was quoting you, Anita!)

I'm having to fill out the application for Eowyn's primary school, beginning in September. How amazed am I to realise that my Eowyn, who grew within my womb and nursed at my breast and ran to me every time she hurt herself is going to be a schoolgirl!!!

Here are the favourites:
The EEU (where she & Coco go now.)
John Stanford International School (Language immersion in either Japanese or Spanish)
Wedgwood (Just a mile hence, excellent music programme)
View Ridge (Where Bill Gates went, so he pours $ into it)
John Rogers (5 minutes walk away. Culturally very diverse)

It's a complex system where you list preferences and their computer allocates you a school on the basis of how close you are to it, then a lottery. It's exciting and scary.

Seren gave me a book which suggested making my bed into a safe nest. It's a beautiful thought. Bed and sleep have often been scary and felt unsafe for me. The realm between wakefulness and sleep is often inhabited by imaginary fears and horrors. I made my safe nest this morning, and loved it. There was a tension though. For the nest to really be safe, God couldn't be in it with me. I felt torn between longing for him and terror of him.


Sorry - that comment above goes with the schools
I also think it's good to have an ordered bedroom, so that you don't go to sleep in busyness and clutter.

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