It's so very wonderful being surrounded by family and friends, celebrating Rachel and Victor's love. They are SO in love! Victor's family from Northern Thailand are here, and absolutely delightful, particularly Ranee, his Mum, who is teaching me the Karen language. Their singing is heavenly, and their faces and smiles radiant. And RACHEL was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life! Victor was SO proud of her, and overjoyed she's now his wife! And having the whole Jones family together, as well as our extended family and lots of old friends is fabulous. And the Pacific Ocean to dive into every day. Yet I miss my dear, lovely, wonderful, amazing Bens. Victor today gave me a beautiful shirt for Bens which his sister had made especially for the wedding, so that Bens could be part of the celebration even though he is such a very long way away...

The picture of Rachel giving Victor a kiss is a Thai kiss - it's a little like an Argentine glide landing kiss, except that you actually put your nose against the person's cheek, and sniff!!

That's my Coco leading the flower-girls up the aisle! I was so very proud! Eowyn was adorable, carefully ensuring each spot of floor was covered with rose petals upon which Rachel's sacred souls could wend their way!

Dad sang a song at the wedding. He has a voice like an opera singer - I had no idea!!

Seren was the most beautiful bridesmaid I have ever seen!!

Sam and Becca are the most relaxed, fun pair to be around!!

Mum looked like a society lady at the horse races, and her organising of The Day was incredible!

Tom is on a 'plane back to his Anita and Eddie in London - now their new baby is allowed to arrive!!!!

I am very proud of all my Jones family and all my Ady family, and I love them all very much.

Tomorrow we're arising at 5am, to drive 13 hours to 'Aberystwyth', our family farm - the girls' first time!!!

Much love,


Benjamin Ady said…
Helen pointed out that it seems a lot of the emergent church leaders are balding...so I guess your dad could become one. thankyou for sharing the photos. I miss you
shemaiah said…
Finally popped in to read your blog. Lovely pictures. Sounds like you are having a marvelous time.
Stephanie said…
Chrimbly wishes to you and the wee sprogs!

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