From Bag End to Lothlorien!!

Hello! I'm in Australia!! That's Mount St. Helens just there!! Our bags are lost, which is highly irritating. In Portland, I sprinted across the enormous airport, Eowyn and Coco in the stroller, back-packs and cameras and purses and 'Coco's-own-blanket' bouncing around on my person, huffing and puffing like an aged dragon, seeing gate D10 in the far-off distance, feeling the race to be impossible, giving one last desperate burst of energy and making it onto our flight in the nick of time!! Phew!!!
My bags DIDN'T make that connection...
And I'm here in the sun, with my fam, and we swam in the Pacific today, and walked on the beach, with that lovely squeaky sand between my toes...
We're all awakening at5.30 every morning - I think without Dad's delicious cappucino at lunch time I'd be utterly exhausted by now.
Tomorrow is Rachel's Hen's/Bachelorette party - we're wine tasting - oh yum!!
And Victor and his Karen (Northern Thailand) family are here, and simply marvellous! The smilingest, happiest folk I've ever beheld, to be sure!
I'm missing my beloved Bens, though we've had mulifarous telephone conversations already. He is snuggled by the roaring fire, reading a book, in a house which he's cleaned utterly, and, much to his surprise, in our absence IT STAYS CLEAN!


baker st jones said…
so annoying abt the luggage - well done for making the flight tho!

Benjamin Ady said…
I'd rather have a house that doesn't stay clean and the presence of my lovely girlicans

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